Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Anonymous

May I call you dear Anon?

I am flattered by your attention --
or your clever program's efforts

but I just want to say --

I have no need for fashionable sheepskin slippers-to-be-worn-on-the-street
I can't use vi*gra as I am not appropriately equipped
I don't have a payday so such loans are not helpful


You are very thoughtful offering to increase my traffic!
(I worked for years to combat congestion and manage road demand)

I am pleased your university course is going well
is comprehension a subject you study?
and the blogposts of tree pictures that you find so informative --
I'd worry about being an electrician too

I must be a disappointment, my friend Anon
I wish you were a bit more disappointed in fact

but thanks for the attention, sweet Anon