Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Barbie Cycle 1

Isn't Barbie an amazing phenomenon?  How those plastic idols infiltrate and mimic our lives?

Over the years I've written a few paeans about this little goddess.  Enjoy.


we were launched in the same year, you and me:

my legs are not madly elongated: like yours
nor do my breasts proclaim the pyramids
I hope my stare is thoughtful not vapid
and bless me, my hair is more manageable.
I can grasp objects and work
my arms bend too and
I can wear flat shoes

but Barbie O Barbie
how I envy your crutch:
smooth crack- and hair- less
with only the suggestion of a declivity

are you not racked by lust or guilt
eternal virgin
priestess of the impossible fuck?

Revisited in honour of Marilyn for Magpie Tales.  More dolls here



Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Say what we all think.

anthonynorth said...

A brilliant write.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Insight and honesty!

Tumblewords: said...

Well said!
The captcha: tramp

Kathy Bischoping said...

"Declivity" is such a delicious-crossed-with-proclivity word, trashily demure in the middle of the crutch/crack/rack/lust/fuck progression...fabulous!

jane.healy said...

Excellent Isabel!!