Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Barbie Cycle 3

An antidote to Ovid and exile.

Rant alert!

A few months ago there was much in the news about Barbie.  Parent groups were up in arms about the latest electronically enhanced doll.  Barbie was fitted with a video necklace (where else are these micro cameras fitted?) and a backpack screen.  It did strike me as an odd collision of desires, but then others were saying your finger in the dike of progress will not stop the flood - electronic gadgets are ubiquitous and persistent.  What I want to know is why would you buy a spy-Barbie if you didn't agree with the morals? Why not ban them from your house, like I gather a certain couple does in their M Mansion - no apples allowed inside:  no -tunes, no -phones, no -pods or -anything else. 

Why do people want to stop everyone else?  Why not simply stop themselves? Like petrol prices and the 'greedy oil giants' - nobody makes you buy a car and fill it with 'their' petrol.  Catch a bus, ride your bike, walk.  You don't have to buy the dream they're selling.  Make your own dream, but please don't try to ram it down the throats of everybody else.  Sorry. 

Barbie the Mole?

have you swapped sides, you invidious chameleon? 
now equipped with a video camera
 on your chest – of course 
and play-back screen, cunningly inserted in your
electronic back
if becoming Barbie is what girls dream of,
are we now bionic spies of ourselves?
is Barbie the paedophile’s ideal toy
and how long before we are all wired
and monitored
and down-loadable

chipped           coded              digitised 
the perfect tracking toy

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