Friday, March 11, 2011

The Barbie Cycle 6

After all that seriousness, I think it is time for some more irreverence.

The Barbie Cycle began about - ooh - twenty years ago and has groan (sic) with me, or perhaps aged is the better verb.

This poem was inspired by a news article that a charity was auctioning a specially commissioned Barbie, which sold for something in the range of $300,000 - I can only hope it was for a good cause.  It is less acerbic than most of the Barbie poems and probably makes most sense when read with the others.

New Jewels for Barbie

your most expensive look
your newest incarnation
Argyll pink diamonds in a collar of glitter 
darling you’re wearing well
at 51, with youth fading past
we all know the answer is bling! 
Stefano’s black frock
a face lift                     and diet 

are you getting any yet?


Sadly, I don't seem to be able to load any photos today, so imagine if you will, a black frock, a blonde dame, and bling!


Anonymous said...

If Seneca was alive he would be a follower. Humour. Rebellion. Beautiful lines. Stoic. Social comment. Exile. And a bit of sex.

Jinksy said...

Bling has its attractions, but black frocks and Barbies I can live without thanks! In my youth I only had baby dolls (and come to think of it, 'baby doll pyjamas't at one point in my teens, when they were fashionable.) I did, however have to create a wardrobe for my daughter's Barbies - the storage kind, as well as ensenmbles...
As for your comment on my blog about singing dolphins - was that because you are a singer? For many years I sang in various choirs or choruses, so I'd agree with your stipulation - though perhaps we could be whales instead. Everyone knows they can sing!

Dave King said...

I was imagining it from the very first line. You've done her proud.

Isabel Doyle said...

Thanks for considering Barbie in all her guises ...

Anonymous you seem to know exactly which buttons to push!

Jinksy, I have never owned a Barbie myself ... deprived.

Dave, you are ever the gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Love the whole cycle. Have you considered grouping them? First poem knocked me out!