Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ode to Garlic

I am a newcomer to the cyber sea so hope I am doing this properly.  I wrote this poem in response to a prompt at Magpie Tales.  I am trying to follow the instructions.  Please forgive me and advise me if I have the technicalities wrong.  Not much we can do about the poet at this stage ...

Ode to Garlic

most revered, and despised
angel vegetable
sheathed in pink satin
dripping with taste or lust
peel me
slice me
crush me
devour my
 succulent roar

not for you?
what kind of a mouth are you?


anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed that. Nicely done.

Dave King said...

I think that is brilliant! I don't care whether you've got the technicalities wrong or not, I just want some more of that!

Doctor FTSE said...

Good to find others who think garlic is erotic . .

niamh said...

I loved, loved that last line!
and the terms "angel vegetable" and "succulent roar" are wonderful!

Olivia said...

I loved this! n I love garlic :)

hugs xx

Máire T. Robinson said...

Ooh, I love that last line!

Gerry/Strummed Words said...

Cute! I like it!

Dick said...

'Devour my succulent roar' is a glorious line. A great read throughout.

Tess Kincaid said...

"Succulent roar" is wonderful. Welcome to Magpie Tales!

girl dreaming said...

"sheathed in pink satin
dripping with taste or lust"

beautiful and enticing writing! well done & indeed welcome!

Isabel Doyle said...

Thank you to all the kind visitors who enjoyed the odour of garlic. It is very nice to have such universal praise!
Dave, the technicalities were related to trying to understand the instructions at Magpie, which I seem to have muddled through.
Jinksy, thanks for looking at the older posts. The politics of crockery is a companion piece to the politics of cutlery - which might help it make sense.

Anybody who played with or hated Barbie dolls might enjoy the Barbie Cycle, especially Barbie 1.

Thank you all again for reading and commenting.

Trellissimo said...

What kind of a mouth? Hungry?

Lucy Westenra said...

Good work. I can't see why you have displaced line 9 to the right. What does it add to the poem?

Helen said...

You composed quite the Magpie ~ Bravo!

Isabel Doyle said...

Yes, I suppose a greedy mouth?

The displaced line is to create a pause when reading.

Thanks for the cheers.