Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time Zone (en)Treaty

You are all asleep while I am awake,
caught between two humming hemispheres in a slip of time:
before the day starts in the west and after close of business in the east.
I am always calculating the clock where you are,
longing for daylight savings or despairing as the gap gets wider:
I never knew that no-man’s-land was truly no-time-land too.



Jan Freeman said...

"humming hemispheres" :-)
An enjoyable piece on the "mystery" of timezones.

Dave King said...

A clever piece that works wonderfully well for me. Congrats!

Penal-Colony said...

I know this feeling to the core. Sometimes it's as though my heart and I live on two separate continents, or are exiled from one another. That sense of displacement can't be mediated by time.

Isabel Doyle said...

Thanks Jan and Dave, glad you enjoyed my little moan.

John, I see it as a symptom of exile or transplantation, not something that can be cured.