Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gifts from the Ether

A few weeks ago, Penelope Todd of Rosa Mira Books (she has some interesting ebooks for sale!) sent me this lovely card:

illustration by Penelope Todd

When I stop and think about this miraculous card, it seems almost impossible.  A friend met through the strange medium of blog-land has sent me a tiny sliver of her heart.  I am beginning to believe the world of Ether does exist in some parallel way ...  Penelope sent the card to my Dad in Melbourne, who then included it in one of his 'cultural care packages' to me.  Here in Exile we have no regular post, hence the torturous journey of fish bowl and paws.

This is the message she included on the back (sorry it is not very dark):

I am very touched.

Penelope has a sales assistant who is such a delight, it is worth buying her books for the joy of seeing his antics.  I am trying to encourage Penelope to include the magical Ratty (no known relation of the cat with the same name) in a picture book for children/adults of all ages.  You can catch up with his adventures here.



Marylinn Kelly said...

Isabel, I'm so glad you shared this from Penelope, sending me at once to Rosa Mira Books and Ratty. The world of Ether DOES exist, or so I believe for all that, for all whom, I've found here. xo

Penelope said...

Isabel, you have two blogs! Claire's just directed me to this one (you said you'd posted but I looked for it in the other Exile) and I've very touched by what you've written here. Now I shall subscribe to it and go to bed feeling warmed and happy. Thank you! xx

chiccoreal said...

Dear Isabel: Lovely! The power of the new medium to unite friends far and wide. Synchronicities are fun!

jabblog said...

What a delightful gift. You've made a good friend there:-)