Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teapot Tuesday - Aladdin's Lamp

Some nice husbands bring home flowers for their wives. 

Most of our working lives together, I worked in or near, a city centre while Marius worked in the wastelands of oil-refinery land.  He was rarely in a position to bring home anything in the way of treats or surprises.   However, when we lived in Kuala Lumpur, Marius worked in the Petronas Towers, above a swanky shopping centre known as Suria KLCC.  He travelled constantly during those years, so his visits to the office were irregular and usually short.  One day, he brought this home for me, on a whim:

teapot by Bodum
We'd admired it on one of our shopping trips and decided against buying it because - well how many teapots do you really need? 

This day, the department store was having a Shopping Spectacular - a Promosi Hebat! and Marius must have had a few minutes of spare time over lunch.

The teapot has a nice removable basket which is ideal for loose tea or extra herbs.  I use it when I make mint tea.  The handle stays cool, the tea stays hot, and the spout pours smoothly without dripping.

I haven't tried rubbing it to make a wish - but you are welcome to experiment and let me know what the genie brings you - good luck, I hope.



Dave King said...

I don't know how you resisted the temptation the first time around. That is definitely a "must have", not a "need"!

I trust we will hear when you do give it a rub...

jabblog said...

That is really classy and must house a very special genie.

Jenny Woolf said...

Super teapot. I would like one. As you say, how many teapots can you use, and in my case, store.
I guess my rabbit tea cosy might look a bit weird on it too.!