Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teapot Tuesday

We are particularly blessed today as the Supreme Council for Public Holidays has decided that we all need to get more exercise and a Sport Day has been declared.  (I am not one to talk but the local population has an obesity rate of about 85% and diabetes problems to match.) 

It is mere chance that this year, the inaugural Sport Day coincides with St Valentine's Day. 

In true glutton-fashion, we commenced our healthy-living day with breakfast of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, wholemeal toast, tomatoes, eggs and gammon steak (imported from London last year).

Here is the teapot, the one I use all the time:

with the red teapot from Primus at Christmas, in the background.  This teapot has a felted metal lid which keeps the tea nice and hot.  It also has a removable basket which I sometimes fill with chai spices to add piquancy to my tea, and it pours brilliantly without dripping.  This is the four-cup version.  We like the teapot so much we also have a six-cup one for when the family is here.

Breakfast was slightly delayed while my seat-warmer was removed:

Here you can see our new kitchen table in all its glory:



Dave King said...

I have to confess to a preference for "smiley" teapots - especially red ones! The table though, is a table to die for.

Catfish Tales said...

Gorgeous. And I'd call that a breakfast feast! Happy Valentines Day!

Jenny Woolf said...

We used to have a teapot like that when I was a child. I went off it when it got moths (yes, it really did) Admittedly it had not been used for a while. But don't forget to check your six cup one now and then!

On that delightful note, happy valentines day!

Rallentanda said...

Like the table and chairs. Hmmm so when can I expect an invitation for a high tea party?

jabblog said...

That is remarkably smart for a kitchen table. Very elegant.