Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comments Invited

there is alway a tidy box, (some ornate, some plain)
an exhortation, invitation, request, or if you must add-your-two-bobs-worth
then the trick: find the word, make sense of the letters, prove you are human and not machine
but the part I like best is:

Choose an identity!
as if by selection one could slough off an unwelcome skin, personality, life history, complaint, language or mien
Choose an identity!  
today I will be carefree: on the beach with bucket and spade, egg sandwich and ice cream after,
or perhaps Yuri on that space flight,
or Marilyn the hot seductress,
perhaps I can be imbued with the wisdom of Desmond and the grace of HH the exiled,
or dance like Darcy or shoot like Ned,
save lives with love like Mother Teresa, adventure with Tin Tin,
or dream with Bottom in the garden

I have no profile for these identities:
me stuck with me, you stuck with you

inviting comments

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Elisabeth said...

Being me, being you, it's not so bad really.

In fact I don't think I could settle for any other identity than mine in all its multiplicuty. And from where I stand yours seems to suit you.

There's enough variety within us both, Isabel, if only we have the time and imagination to explore.

Check out the nooks and crannies of your mind. Like me I'm sure you'll find lots to say and be and do. And then write about it.

thingy said...

I started as thingy and she is me. My words wouldn't change if my real name was revealed, so thingy is a part of me, now.

Did I mention before how much I love your blog?

Lena said...

I used to wonder what the point in leaving an anonymous comment was, until I was being left them myself.

They were in fact from family or friend members from my Facebook account that had 'linked-me-down' to Blogger.

My own thrill is collecting the strangest/funniest word verifications, all which will be released (some via pictures for proof) once I reach 25.........and no, I don't have much of a social

lucychili said...

well i once used my dog's name and the picture of a chilli in a chat. it has stuck for 20 years online, i even had people introduce me in real life as lucy.
i guess it is searchable, but i agree
it is strange to be an invented self.

Tess Kincaid said...

This piece is so very charming. We all can relate. My favorite avatar is Romaine Brooks' self portrait. I pop her in, every so often.

Dave King said...

If I could change all, gender included, I'd be Kate Bush.

Willow said...

Excellent poem, I have never tried to re-image myself...maybe I should consider it, physical and personal. How fun, if I could...or perhaps I'm stuck.

rel said...

It's rel that I am,
But more than that, I'm
Many faced; masked if you will.
And maitenance of those many facets
Is enough, more than enough.
Although I enjoy you, and you, and you,
I'll leave the details to you.