Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Something Different - The Bear

The following are relatively recent pictures taken at a very large energy production site.  The world is full of miserable news; the multi-nationals have bad reputations only exceeded by those of the banks. 

I can't comment on the companies, but some of their staff are heart-warmingly kind. 

This chap must have been curious and decided to investigate ...  once in, he couldn't climb the steep, tall and slippery sides of the hopper.  You would expect a nasty end wouldn't you? 

Clever people, clever bear!    A Happy Ending - let's hope he doesn't come back too soon.



Elisabeth said...

What a story, Isabel. That bear is amazing. Thank goodness it made its way out.

jabblog said...

Stories like this give me hope for the human race. That bear is HUGE!

Dave King said...

Oh, that is absolutely brilliant!

Old Ollie said...

Cool story/photo-essay.