Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Spin Cycle

We use it to shred clothes – oops I mean wring them of excess water

Must be a good thing replacing manual or mangle labour with an automatic process

Must be a good thing

Explain that to the innocent sheet or pillowcase caught in the torture of drowning, poisoning suffocation-through-bubbles and then the turbo whizz

Or the patient going through the revolving doors of  doctor:    pharmacy:    laboratory:    treatment:    doctor:  try-a-new-drug spin cycle

I feel ironed



Dave King said...

Bit close to home this, this morning! We've been having water problems caused by work in the road outside. The spinner has taken umbridge!

jabblog said...

Oh Isabel, I'm so sorry you feel so flattened.
Nice allegory, though. (Is that the word I mean? I'm having difficulty making my brain function.)