Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Trees

Please indulge my passion for trees.  After the fridge magnet saga I thought perhaps I should reveal a more, um, er, mature? nature-loving? civilised? side of my character.  

So far, I haven't written a poem to accompany my small forest.  I know one that was embroidered on a sampler created by one of my great-aunts ('Trees' by Joyce Kilmer) but I do not feel it quite captures the heart of the wood for me.  One of the best I have read is by Dave King and can be found here (I'm sure Mr King will not mind you reading it).

My favourite tree line is from the playwright sometimes known as Shakespeare.  Sonnet 73 (or in my collection 42):

Bare ruin'd choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.

I have often tried to draw this line but have never satisfied myself.


jabblog said...

Beautiful quotation - and please, indulge away. I'm not a tree-hugger - quite - but I love trees and there are certainly enough in this area to keep me very happy. Off to read Dave's poem now - I do like his work:-)

Dave King said...

Thank you for this. Far from minding, I feel honoured. And the tree in your photograph is the most extraordinary one I have seen in a while.

Kenia Cris said...

I love trees too! They are fascinating! I love tree trunks! I'm happy you have a passion for these wonderful things.

Kisses. <3

indiwriter said...

Ooh.. lovely photo with a kind of misty feel.. Is this near where you live?

I too love trees, and have actually managed to pen a poem on a tree I fell in love with.
Here it is:Rohida

ds said...

Beautiful photo. Such a sad tree.
Thank you for sharing Mr. King's poem; I would never have seen it otherwise.
That is one of my favorite Shakespearean lines, too.