Saturday, November 5, 2011

239 Well, look at Xerxes! (Poems of Exile)

It is far too long since I've posted one of my 'translations' of Seneca.  Remember, if you have been set a translation task, my Latin is much worse than yours.

Well, look at Xerxes!  Everybody is watching his procession!

Why do you hesitate, Greece, to take on your yoke?

Europe – and every land – follows his orders; the arrows of debt cover the sky

New regulations hide the bright web of day

The people are buried in disbelief,  while

The tears of the Aegean carry mercenaries.

Who is the new Master of land, of sea, of every commerce?

Certainly, the old order has lost its way in this world.  

Adapted from Lucius Annaeus Seneca (or pseudo-Seneca) to reflect modern concerns.


Martin said...

It certainly is a mess, Isabel. Watch this space, as they say.

Dave King said...

Your translation worse than mine? Absolute poppycock! You don't know the half of it! I don't call mine translations - I didn't even when I was at school. They were always original poems!

jabblog said...

'The people are buried in disbelief' - how very true!!