Monday, November 21, 2011

240 Cupid Raging at the Heavens (Poems of Exile)

      Cupid  Raging at the Heavens 

What? Struck by my own arrows?

What sort of trick to play on the son of a goddess?

I never asked to be immortal.

I was safe in my tower, snickering – well maybe sniggering –

at the agony of my targets

Those afflicted by my darts, the vehemence of their moans!

Now I am wounded

My mind knows not these sighs

This fire – I never spared Man nor Woman – now the madness overcomes me

A divine wave, such as when the earth trembles,

sweeps me breathless and staggering

There is no bridge for this raging sea, no firm axis to stand on

The sky is alive with plagues and mists,

storms and tempests roar at Neptune’s behest

Jupiter laughs across the earth – it was Pluto who conspired against me

They all did, all the gods

Now they watch me suffer this chaos of dreams

The punishment of the world’s love

Bella, come to bed

Only your diamond heart’s kingdom can release me

I am vanquished, staggering under this burden

Only your savage love can heal my wounds and

Draw the arrow from my side

You deny me?  This treachery – too much.

I die of love.

Image courtesy of Magpie Tales where more love awaits ...


anthonynorth said...

Great passion in this. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this take on the prompt - a nice romantic one this week!

Helen said...

Very nice ... Shakespeare would approve too.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! A great, unique take on the prompt. Full of powerful imagery, this is my kind of poem.
Thanks for sharing this, I shall no doubt be reading it a few more times yet to feel its full impact.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea behind this. Powerfully written, it reads very fluently.

Sue said...

Potent and pleasing.

I really enjoyed it.


Brian Miller said...

ha cupid finally gets bit by his own...and does not know what to do with it...perhaps now he will be a bit more careful with who he shoots...smiles.

Jinksy said...

The biter bit! ♥

Christine said...

Yes... Cupid is wounded and confusions follows. This worked well.

Cad said...

Poetic justice in more ways than one...

Martin said...

Ouch! I really enjoyed this roller-coaster of passions.

Dave King said...

Just the right degree of extremity, I thought. Well done, indeed.

Lyn said...

For Cupid, a bit of his own medicine...endless love..what a punishment!! Very clever..

Doctor FTSE said...

And plenty of opportunity to read between the lines.

Rallentanda said...

And what are way to go! Has your Aya been lacing the lamingtons with beetle nut again? Take it easy know it's lust season in the tropics just before the monsoon hits...great isn't it!

Berowne said...

Powerful, involving, impressive...

Anonymous said...