Thursday, November 3, 2011

Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong – to the Water Spirit

Thai people fashion rafts of jewels for you:
Aqua Sprite, Neptune-creature, Daughter of the Sea, Siren
Your Names are legend

Thai people send their cares to you with gifts to sweep them out of memory
Offerings of joy garnished with guilt, edged with regret –
no promise of redemption or future goodness – only cast to your mercy

The waters rise, the waters fall
The cares accrue on sandbars and turn to stone
Flotsam fill harbours, streets, parks

Candles and joss smoke waft
Krathong linger to feed bloated fish
Thai people weep

Are you appeased Madame of the Sea?
Appeasement is nothing

Loy or Loi is Thai for 'float' while a 'Krathong' is a raft, usually made of banana leaf.  An explanation of the festival is here



Dave King said...

Is this the web's synchronicity at play? - My post today is "Siren Voice".

Doesn't touch your for sheer beauty, though. Lovely post.

The Old Raven said...

I like Dave's analysis of your beautiful words. You have found beauty through the horror. Your words isabel are always tinged with beauty even if about something terrible and giant.

Rallentanda said...

Dealing with grief and tragedy is always dealt with in a beautiful ceremony in the east...a good reason for 'almost' living there.