Saturday, July 2, 2011

416 I hate you, Maximus (Poems of Exile)


Seneca wrote a number of poems in verse combat against Maximus.  This one is a companion piece to 412   The Poet Protests, posted here.    Please keep in mind that these are not intended as literal translations, more spiritual ones.

Well, Maximus, I hate you, your jealousy: all.

I’d die rather than admit surprise.  Shall I tell you why?

Your liverish jokes – full of gall – with evil intent

You aimed at me, my life, my reputation.

Jealousy rules you.  You sought to harm me –

it was a trifle – yet your target was a fatal wound.

Your words, the truth you played with, these are the source

of my enmity.  My life is on it.

I hate you Maximus, that gives me great joy:

Your jealousy sings of my success!



lucychili said...

i love these views of seneca

Dave King said...

An interesting take on them - and on the place of hatred in spirituality. Food for thought, here.

jabblog said...

'Your jealousy sings of my success!' Bitter triumph here, beautifully told.