Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom in Chains

Freedom in Chains

The free man knows where the keys to all the padlocks are:

He chooses which to open with care;

The free man keeps his eyes on his thoughts knowing where freedom lies;

The free man knows enough is wealth;

The free man accepts the yoke knowing the master is the slave:

It is not walls and bars that make prisoners.


Susannah said...

"It is not walls and bars that make prisoners." - I like this very much, wise words indeed. :-)

Jinksy said...

"He chooses which to open with care"

Very wise!

jabblog said...

Very perceptive wisdom.

Kim Nelson said...

Analytic, yet lyric, and wisdom-filled. Your perspective and delivery combine nicely.

Friko said...

the free man also voices his thoughts without fear.

Wisdom in a few words.

Ella said...

Powerful so is the photo; I loved your view and the way it flowed!
Great Job :D

Jingle said...

amazing reflection.
everyone has a role, following the rule of the game is vital.

lucychili said...

i feel like this about usa free trade agreements and their dmca copyright act where they use trade power to insist on restrictive copyright for other nations and disallow fair use except for themselves. freedom is a strange trade.

nimaruichi said...

So true.