Friday, July 8, 2011

Holiday Reading in Kuala Kubu Baru

Holiday Reading in Kuala Kubu Baru

Up in the jungle at KKB,

away from shops and cars and phones

(no reception no internet no power  

no news at six o’clock)

only us, the chef and friends

In KKB the water roars

in bundles of rocks and roots

the hammock swings beneath a canopy of tree

and butterflies tiptoe across a vine

disturbing the raucous green

In KKB I float amongst

Romans, Barbarians, players and kings

the afternoon lies endless

the heat stupendous

a missing girl, a body, a crime

In KKB the  silence drowns

beneath the march of sandal on stone

the honest detective leads me on

down roads and foreign posts of Empire

I sigh: I begin the journey of a thousand chapters

bliss to read this new friend


for poets united
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Kenia Cris said...

It's been a while I don't spend quality time away from the city chaos in company of a good book. Good books in big cities are window through which we try to escape. I like the thought and imagery in this poem. <3

Kiss you. =*

Dave King said...


Jinksy said...

Thinks:- How does the figure on the right come to be holding an ice lolly?! LOL. Hallucination due to overheating, perhaps? ♥

jabblog said...


ds said...

Lovely. Thank you.

flaubert said...

Isabel, you have painted a delightful scene with your words.


Lolamouse said...

This sounds wonderful! I love the image of the butterflies tiptoeing across the green vine! I'd love to spend time there reading. Bliss!

lucychili said...

paper books are a different experience, a different dimension. acoustic

Elizabeth said...

I also like the butterflies tiptoeing. Delightful place you have created with your words.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Heaven is a hammock and a book! Sign me up:)

Jan Freeman said...

Wonderful, Isobel. Wish I could have been there :-)

Ella said...

What a journey; I loved the imagery and the butterflies lovely!

Jingle said...

vivid imagery, well done.

welcome join us,

share 1 to 3 random poems, or write one for our theme, painting whispers.

bless you.
keep blogging.