Thursday, July 7, 2011

Valkyries of the IV Room

image courtesy of wikipedia

Valkyries of the IV Room

I could forgive
a lesser man than I 
falling in love with Magda:
columnar and battle-ready
her headdress mounted with fierce trophies
spits her words helas! Inshallah!

and quiet Sanaa
who holds the shield

a lesser man might succumb

there is Beena who sings
and bobs her head
sinks maiden-like to any softness

and Fatima-dragon’s-breast
who glitters with armour

I would not meet her in tournament or fray
a handy fighting mate perhaps

while gentle Waki pities and smiles:
her darts are aimed at the vitals

But Magda is a warrior princess
her strong hands
weaker only than her glance:
doctors quake and acquiesce
yes sister they whisper
and withdraw

a brave man might fall in love



jabblog said...

I have so many images in my mind now!

Dave King said...

Definitely would. If only for self-preservation - the usual motive, I believe!

A wonderful poem.

ds said...

Quite the pantheon. Marvelous poem. Thank you.

120 Socks said...

Yes, images galore - will be back for another read!

Poets United said...

Valkyries won't be denied!

Rallentanda said...

I lke the last line.
I would say someone completely fearless or someone completely reckless.
Good poem Isabel

WV sultun
Reminds me of the 'Sultans Of Swing':)

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