Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flying Home

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Flying Home

When you read this I’ll be gone

on wings of aluminium


rocket fuelled

across a hemisphere of night

sky flecked with stars and a swinging moon

We launch ourselves after midnight


and twinged with guilt, relief, excitement and fear:

flying always smirched with unease

these days, this planet, this disease of terror and distrust

An endless night might take us home –

to the stars or to Australis Incognita –

but known to us as home:

children, parents, shades and blood

await our safe arrival

From desiccant dust and oppressive sun,

alien life and rules –

to freezing Melbourne

swept with Antarctic wind

and awash with blessed rain

Dripping trees

a welcome bark

cold beer

hot bacon

and ... home

I hope you all have safe and happy holidays - I hope to be 'calling in' but I expect limited access to the cyber world for a short while.  All the best, Isabel xx



120 Socks said...

One of the best goodbyes I have ever read - have a brilliant time!

ds said...

Wonderful "departure." Enjoy your holiday!

jabblog said...

I can't say it more perfectly than 120 Socks:-)

California Ink in Motion said...

I too cringe when I fly. Great read with wonderful words!

Jo Bryant said...

A wonderful way to depart. :)

Jingle said...

beautiful way to say goodbye.
love your style.

Trulyfool said...


If Gaia notions are meaningful, what illness we feel in our human 'niche' of the 'organism' may indeed spread bad disease.

Melbourne always sounds like a good place.

We'll catch up soon


Isabel said...

have a wonderful trip. love the poem.