Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Trees

prunus serrula

Up on the Wall

 In an ancient garden, heavy with whispering Roman shades

stands a totem to northern sprites, woad-dabbed irregulars and

the heart-beat of a tree.

Here the mist hisses through leaves,

Sol  raises his tired face against

the windflowing down from the Glens

and salutes the old warriors.

prunus serrula, Tibetan Cherry
photo taken at Chesters Walled Garden
nr Hexham, Northumberland



Raven said...

I wish so to touch this tree. It truly is sensual and draws one to touch it. How lovely the bark. Instead the poem has touched me.

Penelope said...

I agree, Raven. the few I've met have begged to have hands laid upon them. Thanks for this and the poem, Isabel.

Mama Zen said...

Gorgeous poem!

becca givens said...

Awesome duo ... love that bark!!

jabblog said...

What a wonderful tree - the bark is amazing and just begs to be touched.

lucychili said...

beautiful tree does it have fruit?