Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teapot Tuesday

What do you do with old silver-plate teapots and cutlery?

I bought this from 'Mr Chimes' at the Arts Centre Sunday Markets, in about 2005 or so.  The last few times I visited the markets, he wasn't there, but a quick check of the Sunday Markets website now shows  he is still there (hooray!).

The teapot hangs in the doorway between our kitchen and laundry, and annoys everybody who doesn't live here: 'too bad' I say.

The chimes are fashioned from old forks and spoons, with glass embellishments.

Cultures that see spirits and ghosts in every dark corner tend to favour chimes and bells to keep these ghoulies at bay.  I am not sure if we have any bad spirits here but I do love my chimes.


Elisabeth said...

I haven't seen a chime like this one before, Isabel, but I can see why you enjoy it. There's something magical about it. I have bracelets made out of old cutlery and I think the concept of recycling cutlery like this is wonderful.

jabblog said...

Now that's an interesting construction. My silver teapots languish in a cupboard, longing to be cleaned.