Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teapot Tuesday

Melbourne Teapots today.  The first is a magnificent hand-built teapot that my daughter Prima (of the long flowing locks) created at school.  It holds enough tea for 8 good mug-fuls, pours surprisingly well, and I think should be the star of its own animation-adventure.  This teapot inhabits a special universe of clear water and rolling tea plantations:

As promised last week, here is the teapot that my son Primus, of the saturnine glances, gave me for Christmas, in all its cheery glory - and yes, it pours as a teapot should:  drip-less and smoothly.

ps -- I am flying back to exile --  see you soon  xx



susan t. landry said...

both teapots are wonderful, but i especially like your daughter's...and the idea of an animation with it as the star is terrific!
safe flying...



ds said...

Yes, both are gorgeous, and I love their shades of red, but your daughter's has such personality, it looks as though it is ready to take off into life. Your son's says, "Come sit with me," perfect in its own right.

Safe trip!

jabblog said...

Your daughter's teapot reminds me of an elephant but your son's is more of a puffer fish.

Raven said...

Oh my ... daughter's teapot feels as though it ought be named. It feels alive like a creature tea pot. Quite wonderful. And your son's gift is lovely.