Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Okay, I am thoroughly fed up now.  I am posting comments to other people here.  Sorry, unconventional I know, but I can't send emails from my goggle account without it freezing me out totally, I don't do/have/own facebook and ...   well, that's enough.


I have been reading your posts and trying to leave comments and now, having waved my arms in the air a la Don Quixote, I have nothing super profound to say.

However, I thought your piece with the photos of the huge redwoods looked like the trees had toes.  I liked them very much.

I thought your piece remembering your brother was a beautiful memorial and that even after twenty years, life does time loops and takes us straight home.
I hope that soon I will not need to resort to such nonsense as this.

Best wishes, Isabel


I read your piece about the dog going to City Pets and I thought I left a comment.  I don't remember being particularly rude (or offensive) so I assume my comment got lost rather than censored.  I certainly hope that I didn't say anything hurtful.

I love pets and animals of all conditions, mostly probably, because I don't seem to get in trouble with them.  I seem, even at my advanced age, to have the ability to offend practically everybody without intending to.  I have often considering have a blanket apology sticker on my forehead as insurance.

Your piece particularly resonated with me because I have climbed those steps with various dogs many times over the years.  We always have to look to see if there are any rabbits to annoy on the way in to the beauty parlour.  We walk the dog (only one now) in Anderson Park where there is a big off-lead oval.  Do you know it?

I am always very interested in both your postings and the responses you attract.

Best wishes, Isabel


Thank you for all your kind comments you have sprinkled throughout my blog.  I feel somewhat in awe of your own work and quite humble that you come to visit mine.

I enjoy Mad Maud and deciphering her adventures, and she always makes me pause over the vagueries of life.  I also enjoy reading the other poets' work that you display.  Always an education for me.

Best wishes, Isabel

The Absent Poet

I always enjoy reading your breathtaking work.  I think that  I grasp about 10% but that does not mean the rest is wasted on me.  I sometimes feel like an archaeologist, sweeping off a paintbrush full of meaning each time I read.

I apologise deeply if I have offended you.  It seems to be my life's calling.  Or maybe that is simply my paranoia.  I wish you much commerce with the muse and hope to read you again soon.

Best wishes, Isabel



Dave King said...

Is the Web in partial meltdown, do you think? I've been having the most odd things happen from the Blogger pages.

Penal-Colony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vespersparrow said...

Isabel, has Blogger decided to behave? This was a good way to get your responses to people in a safe place. Thanks for your kind words. I cannot get them to fix (nor can I fix myself) the little bit of code with will tell my followers I have a new post and what date it was posted. According to Blogrolls all over the net, I haven't written a thing for nearly three months.

Anonymous said...

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