Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Blogger Complaints

I tried to leave a comment on my own blog (the other one) and discovered that on it I was not recognised.  I know on some people's blogs, when I leave a comment, I am already registered as one of the profile choices.  Other blogs that I also follow, I am not.  Thinks, maybe the ones I show up on I follow publicly (I am a bit shy sometimes so follow privately)? 

So I tried an experiment, lame though it now looks.  I thought I'll follow myself publicly on Living in Exile, then maybe I'll show up as myself when I try to leave a comment - like I do on Written in Exile.  (Some time back, blogger made me a follower of myself on Written in Exile.)  Sadly, my comments form still doesn't recognise me.

It is very frustrating.  I often want to leave comments and can't.  By the time I have wrestled the loop of signing in and being rejected a few times, I then get kicked out of gmail, blogger and panic.

I can understand that having anonymous comments is a problem for some people and not a permanent solution.  Perhaps having comment moderation coupled with anonymous comments would work?

I hope the solar flare doesn't add to our woes.  I hope somebody is working on resolving these issues.



Marylinn Kelly said...

Your comment on my blog appeared with no visible difficulty. But the tonnage of what I don't understand about the workings of all this...well, we will just call it tonnage. So frustrating to be censored by machine.

susan t. landry said...

isabel, i enabled anonymous. just do me a favor, and say it's you--ok? try it soon, for a test!

xo susan

lucychili said...

an anonymous solar flare!
but yes it is frustrating
happens to me too, intermittently
very strange
here is a link to the forum for posting bugs

Dave King said...

I used to get such malfunctions once in a blue moon, but they are becoming rapidly more frequent, I fear.

Martin H. said...

A friend of mine tells me that all this mess was caused when Blogger attempted to roll out a new interface (something they are still denying). It's all gone horribly wrong, and I can only imagine what a panic there must be, in response to such an unprecedented wave of complaint.

jabblog said...

Periodically all my followers disappear for a day or two and often I'm informed that I'm not following any blogs and would I like to? Clicking on some comments boxes I'm told that they are unavailable and often web pages are apparently non-existent, too.
Personally, it's all Blogger's fault but it is free.

My husband says it's a terrible site and wouldn't see the light of day as a commercial enterprise. So, you pays yer money and takes yer choice . . .

*thinks* Would I pay to blog? H'mmm, depends how much . . .

Fireblossom said...

For me, the determining factor was what kind of comment form a given blogger used. I could comment on pop up or separate page, but not when the comment form was below the post. However, switching to firefox fixed almost all of it. The only remaining problem I have is the followers, which sometimes vanish altogether, as jabblog mentioned. I hope that's of some remote help.

Robert Lloyd said...

Elizabeth and others in regards to commenting please forgive this long winded response but there is a simple way to fix your commenting problem. I had to do this myself so here goes. Its a cut and paste how I showed Carrie Burt to comment and it worked for her. Its long winded but actually quick and easy I just broke it way down.

Ah I just researched this myself not to long ago. Currently blogger is having an issue that affects about 20% of its members. They are working to fix it but for now we are stuck with a work around. The solution is as follows.

Sign out of blogger.
Then go back to
When the sign in shows up if it keeps you signed in uncheck the little button that says "Remember Me" and sign out.
If when you go back to and it is blank and it wants you to log in you are good to go.
Don’t sign in
From there go to the blog and post you wanted to comment on i.e. Poets United
Begin your comment and sign in through there.

It will give you an option that asks how you wish to comment Google id, yahoo, anonymous and what not
Select the Google ID one
Type in your information and enter.

You should now be logged in to comment and then you can go to any other places to comment.

It’s a weird glitch and they have no idea why it’s like that but that’s the work around.

Hope taht helps your problem

Robb from Poets United

Anna :o] said...

I am having trouble too. Found the same as Robert - leave the "Remember Me" blank and ignore any message that asks you if you want to be remembered.

If I don't do this - I can't edit, respond to comments on my blog - I have to 'send' them to myself and have to leave anonymous posts on others. Followers have been missing for two weeks perhaps.

The blog keeps frezing if I pop up "preview" or simply to check links when writing a post - I just cross my fingers and hope I haven't made any typos.

Annoying, isn't it?

Anna :o]

Old Raven said...

I get it for I have left about a dozen comments on Word Press Blogs that don't show up.

mythopolis said...

The whole new concept Blogger is pushing SUCKS in my opinion. I go to one of my sites and it is plagued with stupid suggestions for new templates, I am switching to Wordpress.

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