Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inanimate Politician

Can you see I’m smiling:  this is my trustful gaze?

Can you see I’m telling the truth:  I never flinch from honesty?

Can you see me pucker up at the gooey babe?

Can you see I’m working for you, this is my charity day?

Can you see me pocket this cheque?  Look over there at the bad guys.  (Didn’t see it did you?)

Can you see me flirting and screwing: this is my human side?

Can you see me voting for business this is my personal choice?

Can you see me shaking hands with criminals, this is my job?

Can I see you vote:  1 for me?



bttrflyscar said...


Laurie Kolp said...

so true

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ha! I love this one!

Mike Patrick said...

Nailed it!

thingy said...

Right on.

Ella said...

Powerful; I love how you chose to look at this! Well Done~

Rinkly Rimes said...

An inanimate politician I can cope with. But I'm scared when they become animate!

madhumakhi said...

Thankfully the politician is inanimate. A living politician would have made life hell for those around him/her. I wonder what it is.

lucychili said...


Dave King said...

A cracker!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


This is wonderful. The same inanimate objects, to be found all around the world!


jabblog said...

H'mmm, politicians - a shifty lot all too often.
(By the way, I've just realised why my Virtual Ducks made you think of a virtual cricket pitch - 'out for a duck,' quack, quack! I'm very slow on the uptake.)