Thursday, June 9, 2011

Preying Mantiss

image from

he waves his penis at me
like the antennae of a preying mantis

only not green

messages from another dimension
pheromone-filled and dangerous

come and be lunch

or supper

seduced by green blood
well it might as well be



Kerry O'Connor said...

What a very interesting comparison - I'll never view a mantis in quite the same way again :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, this is powerful. I share the un-ease. "Come and be lunch." Great writing!

Fireblossom said...

Ha! Well, that's one mating dance I'll be happy to miss. Sounds like he might lose his head over you, though. ;-)

Laurie Kolp said...

Great picture... and you blew me away with this clever piece.

versebender said...

Ok...the metaphor to top all metaphors! Great job. vb

lucychili said...

he looks leafy and fragile
it is strange that creatures so small
engage in the same courtships that we do
our ecology is amazing

Mary said...

Very cleverly imagined and expressed!

Isabel said...

witty poem you've crafted here. great image as well

David said...

Like a true American politician.

Elizabeth said...

That's the exact feeling I get whenever I meet someone with an abusive personality. Fantastic capture in your words and the photo is incredible.


jabblog said...

I can sense a helpless feeling of wanting to break free.

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Anna :o] said...

Oh this is good!

Anna :o]

Old Raven said...

this is most amazing ... and ever so slightly unexpected!

Stafford Ray said...

A bit confronting for the reader, but more confronting for you. Fancy being accosted by a horny grown up ET!

Ella said...

I had one of these on my hummingbird feeder. I found out they like to eat hummingbirds, I bounced him off, 3 times. He wasn't eating my friends, today! Powerful write, you added the weird, green blood and it works!