Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sea

This morning I've been reading lots of blog posts that touch on the sea as either the setting or a protagonist, and I've been looking at old photos of holidays by the sea, dreaming of other shores.

I was going to post a drawing I'd done, thinking it was meditative and reflective of my sea-borne mood.  I now discover that I can't post pictures - not even from my own computer, because I need to 'sign in'.  The fact that I am clearly - sort of - signed in as I am posting this doesn't seem to count.  I can't sign in to my google account at all.

What is the point of blogging if I am so restricted?  Can't comment, can't post   aaaarrrghhhhhh!!!

At least others' comments of similar problems give me some comfort - it is not only the fun police here that are messing me up - but I bet you don't keep getting your pages turned to incomprehensible squiggle writing,  which is really annoying!

What to do lah?

On second thoughts, perhaps this is the UNIVERSE telling me to get to work and stop faffing around in blogs???


Martin H. said...

Blogger has been particularly unpredictable of late.

Dave King said...

You've hit one of the problems I encountered last week. Doesn't help, I know - I didn't find a solution, it cleared up of its own accord.

Dave King said...

P.S. one of the problems I'm having on some blogs is not being able to open the comments form. This can begot round by right clicking and opening it in a new tab or window. Maybe this will help with other problems, too? Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

here is some ascii sea for you in the interim =)


Friko said...

I think everybody has been having Blogger problems of one sort or another. He/she/it is messing about with all sorts of formats and getting themselves thoroughly arse over elbow.

I've always had 'anonymous' comment facility!

I like your clever way of posting comments on your own blog. It does away with a lot of hopping around.

I know you are there somewhere, best of luck with blogger.

Friko said...

Thank you very much for your excellent comment to my post on suicide. it's amazing how people just understand.