Saturday, June 11, 2011

Part of the Comment Puzzle

Dear Bloggers

I have discovered, following the advice of some of my readers, that comment forms that appear in a pop up window seem to work for those of us struggling with our google Idenities.

I did an experiment with my own Living in Exile blog, changing from comments on the page format to the pop up window, and found that it worked.

This solution might be more agreeable for bloggers who prefer not to have the 'anonymous' option.

Thank you to all for your advice and forebearance.

Best wishes



susan t. landry said...

thank you, isabel. i will try that soon. i find i have to rally my energy to mess around with technological mysteries...i've got the task of cleaning out the refrigerator ahead of me this morning! now, what coudl be more satisfying? seriously.

when you post on my blog as anonymous, tho, your name comes up as dont really understand, i'm afraid...

Willow said...

I hope I get through, Isabel. I have been incognito and I have missed you. I look forward to catching up.