Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Barbie Cycle 9

Letter to Ken

There you are in the news again
I don’t want to write another poem about you
I am bored Ken, tired of your games, filled with ennui,

a new face – you certainly needed it but I’m not sure it’s an improvement
a new ‘internet reality show’ – that’s an oxymoron I think? 
your backers want you to compete with Her in the fashion-plate stakes – what?
‘the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion’ 

so you are to be enhanced to resemble
a neck-less, brain-less booby
pumped with iron and steroids  
hairless and toothy (they report nothing of your crutch so I can only guess) 
full of romantic gestures 
you have gone from plastic mannequin to plastic god-freak 
truly a fitting consort to that diva in pink
I think they are lying:  you are not built to celebrate boyfriend-hood
rather the ultimate genie of
The Man


Dave King said...

A wonderful take on a not-too-inspiring aspect of modern culture. Top rated post!

Isabel Doyle said...

Thank you very much Dave - I think Ken and I are OVER -