Wednesday, April 13, 2011


never suffered a day in her life
no wars
only unknown grandparents passing on
no violence
took herself away from her friends
no abuse
reclusive, keeps to herself
no drugs
sheltered – does she shelter herself?
no poverty
always the lucky one, things come easily
no failures
well she left him, he was gay
never suffered
doesn’t know she is alive, unmarked face
not raped
no grey hairs, no wrinkles
not raped
her hands are un-worked, callous-free
not raped

not red and raw from too much washing
not raped

not raped



Elisabeth said...

This is such a powerful and haunting poem, Isabel. It fills me with trepidation, the lucky one, not raped but it seems so much worse - however unspoken - has befallen her.

Thank you.

Alliteration Poems‏ said...

This is really an amazing poem, Isabel! Love it :)
All the best
Short Poems

earlybird said...

Really disturbing. Good poem