Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Gecko

Picture the gecko –
transparent skin:  entrails, dinner and faeces on display
stuck to a Velcro wall or ceiling
tongue a blue flame against insect meals

We picture ourselves –
opaque skin: hiding envy, lust and anger
pinned to our wriggling important lives
tongues of venom against the world

Picture the angels –
radiant in starlight
hovering beyond space and time
tonguing orisons of grace



Dave King said...

This one has it all: well conceived, beautifully crafted, telling comparisons, points to make - and a superb image to accompany it. Excellently well done. My congratulations.

Isabel Doyle said...

Why thank you Mr King, humbly appreciated.

lucychili said...

mm geckos are so delicate
interesting comparisons =)