Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secret Transports

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Secret Transports

How do you measure the velocity of love?

The ancients used the flight of Cupid’s arrow
from bow to target in two heartbeats.

Chaucer said the flutter of a wing
 when fowls chose their mates.

Elizabethan seductions passed by hand,
swept up a sleeve, tucked in a bodice, 
and loved danced a madrigal square.

Later Miss Austen took love’s temperature
declaring estates and carriages the measure,
until Brunel powered love by steam engine,
Orville and Wilbur made it fly
and Campbell tried love on land and water.

What is the velocity of love? 
The high speed rail link between hearts?
The hovercraft of desire?
The rocket-ship of lust?

Nothing has changed: the velocity of love is light over you.

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for Poet's United prompt 'Secrets'


Lolamouse said...

How do you measure the unmeasurable? Great question and great poem!

brenda w said...

This is really quite lovely. I wondered if you would take it to modern love as an underbelly. I'm glad that you went where you did with it. Beautiful piece, the literary references are right on target.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

A quality piece of writing about the most wonderful feeling of secret love.
Well captured!


Kim Nelson said...

A lesson on love quite different from most, and beautifully put together.

Mary said...

Great lit references. This is lovely and clever! Kudos.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a wonderful poem! "What is the velocity of love?" So well done!

Mary said...

Velocity of love...definitely something to think about. Lovely poem.

Ella said...

I love your thoughts on this and your unique spin! I enjoyed the beauty and
thoughts that arrived reading it!
Well Done~

Rashmi said...

Velocity of love......wonderful ...

Rallentanda said...

A beautiful inspiring poem with some very impressive allusions.
I will read this again.

Dave King said...

The damage inflicted on the target?

madhumakhi said...

Beautiful. Perhaps love is the most unmeasurable aspect of the world.
"How do you measure the velocity of love?"
This line made me ponder so much.

madhumakhi said...

The velocity of love: perhaps a 1 second facebook message?

lucychili said...

i like the last line with light/u

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

your poems are stunning.

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beautiful write…

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Your poetry rocks!

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Hope to see you in!
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Willow said...

I now play Angry Birds, so I am understanding velocity, but I have yet to understand love. Another excellent poem.

Tim Jones said...

That's a lovely and ingenious poem. Does love have mass, and does it get heavier when it closely approaches the speed of light? - questions for another poem, perhaps.

jabblog said...

'light over you' - a beautiful phrase.