Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Last Jar

What if this were the last jar of Marmite in the World?
I confess I mourn the passing of Pear’s soap
rich with rosemary and the baths of childhood

But what if this were the last jar of Marmite in the World?

Clothes decades un-seen,
revealed from trunks and boxes are tangible memories,
denied to relentless tidiers

But what if this were the last jar of Marmite in the World?

Madeleines worked for Marcel,
giving taste to his rememberances

But what if this were the last jar of Marmite in the World?


HyperCRYPTICal said...

If it were the last jar I would be bereft! Not long ago enjoyed a Marmite and cheese sandwich. Yum! Yum!

Anna :o]

Kim Nelson said...

It would be like opening the last pot of homemade plum jelly for me...

Dave King said...

Boo hoo, that's what! Some tragedies are just too awful to comprehend.

Mary said...

Hmmm...maybe marmite hasn't made it to this side of the pond. Never even heard of it, but apparently I'm missing something wonderful.

Rallentanda said...

hey, I thought you were true blue? Wake up to yourself luv!:)

Isabel Doyle said...

ok, will fess up. When I grew up, in the distant past, where I grew up (even further away) the big V was not available unless some kindly traveller delivered some - I have a vague memory of a pale green plastic container - and in those days of steam-driven aircraft, travellers were not common. My Aussie mum resorted to what was available, Marmite. I am ambidextrous. Here in Exile-land, Marmite is more widely available than Vegemite, so I tend to eat it, leaving the precious black gold to him-indoors who does not share my flexibility.
His response to the poem was similar to yours R, saying it would read much better as an ode to Vegemite!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I've never encountered Marmite, but I enjoyed your poem anyway.

Rallentanda said...

Thanks goodnes you gave me an explanation Isabel I was concerned there, for a moment:)As long as the lamington situation is OK over there you'll be alright.If you don't like lamingtons, I would appreciate it if you could keep this information to yourself:)
Say hello to your MUM:)
Yes, I am as a matter of fact!

Isabel Doyle said...

Sadly, the lamington situation is dire and as I am chronically lazy, the situation only gets rectified about once a year, if I bake some for somebody else. In my paltry experience, the best lamingtons are procured at the Bakery in Holbrook ... where they also make fine pies!

lucychili said...

hehe rallentanda

i hope youre wrong about the pears
if no marmite stretch your tastebuds to
another dark salty tradition

Stafford Ray said...

How could you!!!!!
Get real girl! Score: Marmite nil, Vegemite three!

Rallentanda said...

Ha 'I was only 19'...Right?